Monday, September 5, 2016

Barrier to effective use of Edtech
The use of technology in learning institutions has seen tremendous growth in the last decade; particularly due to massive revolution in the internet and mobile technology. With technology, institutions continue to boast of benefits ranging from increased efficiency, speed of completing tasks and reducing cost. Consequently, both students and institutions scramble to purchase hardware and softwares mean to support the teaching and learning process as well as administrative aspects. Much as these steps are being put in place by institutions, it is also crystal clear to me that barriers to using technology in an effective way still persist and varies from one institution or country to another. This lead to me ask the question: 
What are the key barriers to effective use of technology?
of course keeping in mind the the context variations

Based on my past experiences, careful observations and targeted discussions with colleagues and students, i was able to conclude that the answer to this question may appear broad but can be simplified. My conclusion was that the barriers to effective use of technology actually revolves around three broad areas (the 3 A's of technology)
  1. Availability
  2. Affordability
  3. Accessibility

This is to say that all the other sub-factors such as ICT competence, training and support, economic and political factors, revised curriculum, ICT policies etc, all would originate from anyone of the 3As. 

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